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Sept Houseplant of the Month – Large- leaved Ficus

You may remember we wrote a blog a short while ago on how House Plants make you healthy- it’s true! You can read it here if you’ve not had chance yet. We’ll wait right here while you catch up…


All done? Great, so now we’re up to speed, I bet you’re wondering which to go for? Well that’s handy because our Sept Houseplant of the Month is the Large-leaved Ficus. This statement plant adds real character to your room, and there’s an added bonus of them improving the air in your home as the leaves convert CO2 into oxygen AND reduce the humidity by evaporating moisture in the air gradually -  a much nicer atmosphere for all! 

Ficus Facts:

Ø  They come in various forms including branched, unbranched, single trunk, woven trunk or corkscrew- take your pick!


Ø  Ficus is Latin for ‘Fig’ and these plants originate from sub-tropical regions such as Africa, Asia, South America and Australia


Ø  They’re easy to maintain with minimal maintenance required, a good choice for someone new to the world of houseplants (plus your friends and family will be impressed too!)


Ø  They like a lot of light so be sure to position these somewhere bright although not in direct sunlight ☀️


Ø  They look like little trees 🌳 🌳


We do keep some beauts in the shop but for any special orders or requirements just get in touch or call in and see us. We can buy lots of different varieties and at different heights. We can help you find your perfect plant.

Sara is always on hand to offer care tips and advice so if you’re ever stuck, why not pop us a message on Instagram, Facebook or give us a call at the shop!


If you’ve been following our blogs for a while now then you know the score. Our love of plants doesn’t end once you’ve left the shop, we want to see how you’re getting on! So, once you’re home and all set up, post a pic and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.