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Sept Houseplant of the Month – Large- leaved Ficus

You may remember we wrote a blog a short while ago on how House Plants make you healthy- it’s true! You can read it here if you’ve not had chance yet. We’ll wait right here while you catch up…


All done? Great, so now we’re up to speed, I bet you’re wondering which to go for? Well that’s handy because our Sept Houseplant of the Month is the Large-leaved Ficus. This statement plant adds real character to your room, and there’s an added bonus of them improving the air in your home as the leaves convert CO2 into oxygen AND reduce the humidity by evaporating moisture in the air gradually -  a much nicer atmosphere for all! 

Ficus Facts:

Ø  They come in various forms including branched, unbranched, single trunk, woven trunk or corkscrew- take your pick!


Ø  Ficus is Latin for ‘Fig’ and these plants originate from sub-tropical regions such as Africa, Asia, South America and Australia


Ø  They’re easy to maintain with minimal maintenance required, a good choice for someone new to the world of houseplants (plus your friends and family will be impressed too!)


Ø  They like a lot of light so be sure to position these somewhere bright although not in direct sunlight ☀️


Ø  They look like little trees 🌳 🌳


We do keep some beauts in the shop but for any special orders or requirements just get in touch or call in and see us. We can buy lots of different varieties and at different heights. We can help you find your perfect plant.

Sara is always on hand to offer care tips and advice so if you’re ever stuck, why not pop us a message on Instagram, Facebook or give us a call at the shop!


If you’ve been following our blogs for a while now then you know the score. Our love of plants doesn’t end once you’ve left the shop, we want to see how you’re getting on! So, once you’re home and all set up, post a pic and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.


Are your house plants making you healthy?

Ok, so we’re HUGE fans of a house plant (comes with the job), but did you know that as well as looking amazing, your house plants could actually be providing you with a whole host of health benefits too? There’s actually been studies and research conducted on this theory and this not only applies at home, but in work spaces, schools and care homes also.


Some key facts and figures to mention:

Ø  Indoor plants can reduce staff sick leave (possibly over 60%)

Ø  37% reduction in tension and anxiety when houseplants were introduced into the workplace, as well as promoting wellbeing and performance. 

Ø  Increased productivity when placed on your desk

Ø  Decreased perceptions of pain and discomfort

Ø  Dementia sufferers have also been noted to have better stimulated senses and more positive emotions when indoor plants are present.


You can’t argue with science right? So which plants would be best? Let’s see, here’s a few of our favourites:

If you’re wanting to absorb any negative energy, then how about the Climbing Fig? We love this one as the plant can look truly fantastic whether it’s growing from a hanging basket or climbing the wall itself (it’s all in the name). The white edges of the leaves are believed (in China anyway) to be the good green spirit, erasing any negative energy hanging around in the room.  

The Monstera is big, bold and eye catching especially as it’s such a stunning injection of green to your space. This plant will balance energies and boost your mood right up.

IF you’re feeling lucky then that could be down to Devil’s Ivy- don’t let the name fool you as this plant is said to provide good luck and fortune to its owners as well as inspiring creativity thanks to its beautifully patterned leaves

If it’s a sense of calm you’re looking for, then we definitely recommend the Asparagus Fern. Super easy to care for, it’s light, bright and airy bringing calm vibes to your surroundings.


Did you know we stock all of the above in our shop? If we don’t have them in stock then we’re able to source them for you with just a few days’ notice. Don’t forget to tag us @flowers_with_passion in your feel good floral pics- we’d love to see them!