Summer lovin' had me a blast...

We’ve got that tune in your head now haven’t we- sorry! However, we can’t get enough of the range of Summer flowers currently available…

Sara with some of her homegrown Summer flowers!

Sara with some of her homegrown Summer flowers!


We spoke last month about the glorious Sunflower 🌻 (check out our blog here) but there’s also a whole range of other seasonal sunshine flowers to choose from this month too! From wedding bouquets to a simple treat for yourself or a loved one. Our Sara is a member of the Flowers of the Farm Network and she’s been busy growing some of these in her garden this Summer too:


The Hydrangea - (coincidentally we’ve just blogged about this one too- so take a look for more info here) This gorgeous flower comes in a whole range of colour which immediately brightens up any room and adds a pop of sunshine! ☀️


Cornflowers – These are both historic and handy flowers to have around! Historically, they were used in the funeral wreath for Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun! There’s also an old folklore- Cornflowers were worn by young men in love, if the flower faded too quickly then it was a sign his love was unrequited. Handily, they’re also used in Herbalism – they’re particularly effective in treating conjunctivitis and tired eyes.


Ammi – A member of the carrot family and a flower which goes by many, many names including: “Bishop’s Weed” and “Queen Anne’s Lace”, “Large Bullwort”, “Laceflower”, “Greater Ammi” and “Toothpick Weed”. Ammi flowers not edible and are without medicinal value HOWEVER, research is currently underway to investigate the possibility of these flowers helping to combat cancer.


Achillea – Another useful flower to have around should the need arise! The Achillea is also known as the rather less fetching sounding ‘Nosebleed plant’. The leaves, when used fresh, encourage clotting so it’s considered to be a powerful healing herb for wounds, cuts and grazes as well as a popular veg to eat back in the 17th century.


Dahlias – Considered to be one of the most spectacular of garden flowers plus they come in a variety of showstopping shapes, sizes and colours! These lovelies are a native from the Mexican climate but oddly, although they grow in a warm country they actually prefer more cooler conditions!



Sweetpeas – A sweet smelling flower (the clue’s in the name!) These are native to Sicily, Cyprus and Southern Italy and were first brought over to the UK in the Victorian era (where they became super popular). Their beautiful colours allow them to stand out as well as their long straight stems (more so when they enjoy cool, sunny conditions which allow them to grow steadily and slowly!)


  The Sword Lily – More commonly known as Gladioli. These funnel shaped flowers bloom on both sides of the stem, they’re considered to be bold and glamorous and they come in a whole range of colours too. The petals may be frilled, ruffled or even plain- they look fabulous any way.


We do happen to have these in stock ready and waiting for you in store at our Longridge shop or give us a call to discuss your order! Once they’re home and in pride of place, pop your pics up and tag us on Facebook and Insta

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