Catchy Carnivores

Best known as plants such as the Venus Flytrap, Pitcher Plant and Sarracenia – this month’s houseplant spotlight is on the carnivorous kind. They’re a perfect choice for adding a bit of character to your room, particularly as they come in all shapes, sizes and colours!


These plants are incredibly intriguing and we love how clever they are - So what didn’t you know about these plants? Good question, we’ve uncovered some fun facts for you right here:

  • They attract spiders and insects before then catching, digesting and absorbing them for nutrients… interesting


  • The Venus Flytrap (famously) snaps shut once the prey has landed BUT only when all six sensors have been touched twice, the Sarracenia lures with its nectar before trapping the insects within its leaves and the Pitcher Plant lives up to it’s name by also trapping the insects using pitchers hanging from its leaves. Keeps your house free of pesky flies then!


  • Wild carnivorous plants tend to grow in fairly damp regions with nitrogen poor soil (if you’re thinking swamps then you’re definitely on the right track)



Looking to add one or all of these to your houseplant collection? We like your style- here’s some handy care tips for you to follow:

  • They prefer rainwater, distilled water or soft tap water so if you live in an area with hard water, then boil the kettle and leave to cool before watering

  • Position in full sunlight- these bad boys aren’t afraid of the rays ☀️ ☀️ ☀️

  • No plant food needed thanks to the aforementioned catching of their own food

  • Don’t be fooled come Winter- the traps will wither once the cold season arrives but they’ll reappear back in earnest in the Spring. Just carry on watering as normal.

  • Remove any dead brown leaves to keep them healthy and free of fungi

  • Oh and remember to repot them in Spring every other year

By following these, your houseplants will be good to go and a part of the family for a good long while.


You know where to go to find ‘em- here at FWP of course! Give us a ring if you’re looking for a specific one otherwise pop on down and have a chat with us! Tag your pics on Insta and Facebook and keep us updated on how they’re getting on…

venus 1.jpg