Aug Flower of the Month- Hi there Hydrangeas

Well hi there Hydrangeas! These fluffy cloud shaped beauties are the ultimate symbol of high summer and one you should most certainly be including on your floral shopping list.

We love these flowers here at Team Passion because the colours are to die for; think fresh greens, bright whites, sky blues, deep purples and stunning lilac and pinks and you’re definitely on the right track- the perfect addition to add a pop of colour to your day. They can be found from early Spring to late Autumn so this time of year is definitely the best time for them.


So firstly, here’s some fun facts you might not know about these summery flowers:

  • There are around 70-75 species of the flower and they grow literally everywhere from South Asia right over to America although believed to originate from Japan.

  • In Asia, if you give someone a pink hydrangea you’re basically telling them they’re the ‘beat to your heart’ – romantic much? ❤️ ❤️ 🌸

  • Hydrate your Hydrangeas - these are thirsty flowers, so it’s not one for a forgetful waterer if you’re looking for them to last

  • They can look truly stunning in a wedding bouquet – actress Blake Lively featured pink ones in hers when she married Ryan Reynolds.


If you’re looking to purchase hydrangeas, here’s some of Sara’s top tips to follow to ensure you get the best out of them:


  • Cut the stem tip diagonally and place in a clean GLASS vase filled with 2/3 room temperature tap water

  • When you cut your stem use a sharp knife and cut diagonally through the stem. Then scrape out the white pulp from inside. This gives a little tunnel which helps the hydrangea drink plenty.

  • Should your cut hydrangea wilt in the first few days don’t throw it away. Take it out of the vase. Submerge the head in a bucket of cold water and leave for a few hours. Take it out, re-cut the stem and place back in the vase. By the next morning it should have bounced back to life. Hydrangeas should last at least a week, possibly two. Obviously this trick won’t work once the hydrangea has reached the end of its life but it’s always worth a try! We’ve had hydrangeas in the shop that last a month if they are kept cool and well hydrated.

  • Keep them away from full sunlight, draughts and fruit bowls

  • As well as all of the above did you know that flowers, especially hydrangeas, love to be spritzed with water daily? Try it. It certainly prolongs their life.


As always we stock Hydrangeas in store, however if you’re looking for a specific colour get in touch beforehand so we can make sure we have them in especially. Tag us in your happy hydrangea pics on Facebook and Instagram we LOVE to see them…

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