Plants to keep the Bee’s happy

We LOVE Bee’s- it’s vitally important we continue to create environments where these super cute pollinators can thrive, mainly because 75% of our food crops rely on insect pollination- yes 75%! We NEED these guys to carry on the good work.  So, what are the best Bee friendly plants for your garden? Excellent question:


The Sunflower! We’ve JUST blogged about this summer beauty, check it out for yourself here. They score highly for both nectar and pollen so they’re a perfect garden addition for bees, butterflies and any other insect pollinators.


Aster! These bloom in Autumn so perfect for the post summer garden. Also nectar and pollen rich, although this depends on variety. The N5/P5 version has light blue/violet petals and scores the highest for pollinators.


Dahlia! Another super summery flower as they bloom from July right through until October. A popular one with Bee’s and it’ll also give you a boost too as it actually represents creativity, change and inner strength- awesome!

 Did you know that Sara is a member of the Flowers From the Farm network and grows a lot of the flowers that she sells in the shop. All three of these flowers are personal favourites in her garden and definitely keep the bees happy.

All three are growing happily but not in bloom as yet. Once they are they will be cut, conditioned and then added to the large array of gorgeous flowers. Leaving some in the garden to keep the bees happy of course.

For more handy tips on bee friendly gardens, where to plant them (sunny but sheltered areas) and what to plant together- checkout the fantastic Florismart magazine here.

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sunflower 4.jpeg