July's Flower of the Month - The Sunflower

A favourite of Vincent Van Gogh himself, these summery beauties are a sight to behold and July is the perfect time to enjoy them!


Did you Know:

-          Sunflowers are the ONLY flower with ‘flower’ in their name?

-          They follow the movement of the Sun across the sky from East to West

-          They’re the symbol of Faith, Love and Adoration

-          They have supersonic growing speeds and can reach a height of 8-12 feet within 6 months, although the Guinness World Record books state that the tallest Sunflower ever recorded was 25feet, 5 ½ inches tall- wow!

-          A Sunflower head is actually made up of 1000 to 2000 individual flowers which are joined at the base. So that’s a lot more flower for your money then 😊

-          There are more than 60 varieties of the flower found globally

-          And one more… Sunflower oil is amazing! It’s full of minerals like calcium, iron, Vit A and Vit D


These flowers are hugely popular Summer wedding flowers, and they can add a gorgeous pop of sunshine colour to your décor.

sunflowers 1.jpeg

If you’re purchasing Sunflowers to enjoy at home, here’s a few Top Tips to ensure you get the best out of them:

-          Trim the stem diagonally with a sharp knife

-          Use a glass vase filled with approx. 7cm of room temp tap water

-          Don’t forget to add the flower food to the water

-          Keep them in a room with an ideal temp of no more than 20 degrees

-          Keep them out of draughts, direct sunlight and avoid leaving them beside a fruit bowl

-          Sunflowers are thirsty so be sure to keep the vase topped up


We stock Sunflowers here in our Longridge based shop (and this month we have a special 10% discount offer for anyone who quotes ‘Team Passion Facebook/Instagram’ when purchasing in store!) We’d also love you to tag and share your Sunflower pics with us on Facebook and Instagram.



sunflowers 2.jpeg
sunflowers 3.jpeg