Common Questions when ordering flowers

Answering your most common questions when ordering flowers

Day to day we get asked a number of the same questions about choosing flowers and so we thought it might be helpful this week to list a few here.  We love chatting to our customers but understand that many of you like to be prepared before placing an order.  So here goes:

I don’t know what I want!

Don’t feel under any pressure to know flower names or styles, we can help you work out what it is that you want or your intended recipient may like.  If buying for other people, think about what colours they like or tell us about their personality.  Are they a romantic? More traditional? Outdoorsy?  Think about their home and décor.  What’s the occasion?  We can use all this information to create something to suit.  If you’re really stuck, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

How much should I spend?

Obviously you need to have a budget in mind, but the best way to work this out is to think about where you or your recipient may display the flowers.  A small bouquet (approx. £25-£40) would be suitable for a side table, medium (approx. £45-£60) for a coffee table and large (approx. £65-£100+) for a dining table or entrance.

What shall I write in the message?

This is obviously very personal but can fox many of our customers when put on the spot.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for all you do, you are a true friend

Couldn’t have done it without you, thank-you

You make my heart smile

I'll never forgive myself...but I'm hoping you will. I'm sorry

Sending happy thoughts to brighten your day

Hope this makes you feel a little bit better

Sending you some get well cheer!

Hoping your wishes come true year after year

Love on your birthday and everyday

How far do you deliver?

We deliver across the Ribble Valley , Preston and parts of Lancashire throughout the week but can also arrange delivery anywhere in the UK..

If I have a specific idea in mind, can you help?

Yes of course, we love to get creative and think there’s nothing better than delivering a bespoke arrangement.  Providing they are in season and with notice, we can also accommodate requests for specific flowers, so let your imagination run wild!

Is it cheaper to buy flowers that are in season?

It can be, we can advise which flowers are in season and present the best value.

Can I have my arrangement delivered with a vase?

Yes, we stock a large range of vases including a stunning range of high quality products that really complement our bouquets so are more than happy to include these in your order.

How about extra gifts?

Yes, we work with award winning chocolate supplier Davenports, stock a beautiful range of artisan Melt candles, as well as a great range of Bomb Cosmetics.. So lots of ways to make your gift that extra bit special.

What information do I need before I order?

For any order we will need the recipient’s full name and address, a contact telephone number, preferred delivery times, an idea of budget and any message you wish to include.

Orders can be placed online or by ringing up the shop on 01772 786828.  You’re also welcome to visit the shop any time to discuss your questions, we love an excuse to talk flowers!