Lesley and Ben were the first couple we created a hanging flower curtain for. It took lots of creativity to come up with a way to suspend the flowers from the conservatory at Mitton Hall. It also took a very long time. At one point we enlisted the help of the videographer, the photographer and several Mitton Hall staff to help us get the curtain into position. It was a race against time to finish it but the guests just had to wait a few minutes while we finished lighting the suspended tea lights. If we'd had a decent lighter we'd have finished in time but I was trying to light the candles with a burning twig!!!! The trials and tribulations of being a wedding florist! 

The couple were thrilled we everything we created and sent this lovely card..... "Thank you for our incredible flowers, flower curtain and bouquets. They were out of this world and we cannot thank you enough. You are truly talented."