Ben came to see me as he wanted to surprise his bride with a special gift. They had already booked their wedding florist and to be given such a wonderful romantic gesture to create was a great honour. Ben wanted a preserved rose in a glass dome as his wife-to-be loves Beauty And The Beast. We were able to source the rose, the dome and the base. I also suggested Ben try and think of a quote from the book/film that we could include. All of this was carried out at a fraction of the cost of what he had already been quoted. Loved this little challenge!

Woo what can I say other than thank you to Sara. I rang for something rather different. I was getting married and my Mrs loves Beauty And The Beast. I wanted to make a replica of the life time preserved rose in a dome with a nice mounting with a few words to my wife as a gift for the morning of the wedding. Sara openly admitted this wasn’t something she had done before but was more than willing to help. Within an hour she rang me back and could do exactly what I wanted. Nothing was too much to ask. And every fine detail of presentation went into it. Sara gave me some great ideas like having our names/dates and a quote engraved into a wooden base and sorted all this out. It looked amazing. In fact my wife cried when she opened it. Thanks again Sara it’s amazing and will be on show in our house for years to come.