Wedding photoshoot

During the summer I was asked to take part in a photoshoot being staged by Little White Books. I was thrilled to involved meeting lots more fabulous wedding professionals - hair, make up, bridal, photography and venue dressers.

I was told that one of the dresses to be modelled had a hint of sunflowers in the underskirt so I was asked to bring along a bouquet including sunflowers. On closer inspection the dress also included orchids. Always loving being able to play and be creative I designed a bouquet with both flowers included. I created one very natural bouquet with plenty of foliage - bang on trend at the moment. The other I created a framework out of wool and ribbon and made a slightly different bridal bouquet.

I threw (not literally!!) a few extra flowers in the van because I had no idea what to expect. On arrival the lovely Beks from Little White Books asked if I could decorate some large LOVE letters. Again, I thought I'd try something a little bit different and I didn't have many flowers to play with. Absolutely thrilled with the finished effect.

It poured it down with rain all day but nothing could dampen our spirits. Although next time I will come up with lots more bouquet and table centre ideas. Loved the day and having a chance to play. Here are some photos.....


We came to Canada to catch up with my daughter Sammi. She has been working over here to earn enough money to embark on her next travelling adventure - South America. Sammi set off travelling two and a half years ago and now has another four - six months before she decides whether to come home!

So my memories of Canada? - Large open countryside, massive straight roads, red barns, pumpkins, Niagara Falls. Bagels, chicken wings, poutine (chips with gravy and cheese curds!!) Tim Horton (a chain selling bagels, donuts etc!).

Starting a blog

So, I'm on holiday in Canada with my hubby, daughter Sammi and daughter's boyfriend. They are all in bed sleeping while I attempt to start a blog!

Sammi has been working in Canada for the summer to earn enough money to embark on her next adventure travelling around South America. I suddenly realised she won't have her laptop for four to five months and as she designed my fabby website I thought I'd better get the blog started in case I need her help! So here I am at 6am in Toronto working away.