We came to Canada to catch up with my daughter Sammi. She has been working over here to earn enough money to embark on her next travelling adventure - South America. Sammi set off travelling two and a half years ago and now has another four - six months before she decides whether to come home!

So my memories of Canada? - Large open countryside, massive straight roads, red barns, pumpkins, Niagara Falls. Bagels, chicken wings, poutine (chips with gravy and cheese curds!!) Tim Horton (a chain selling bagels, donuts etc!).

Starting a blog

So, I'm on holiday in Canada with my hubby, daughter Sammi and daughter's boyfriend. They are all in bed sleeping while I attempt to start a blog!

Sammi has been working in Canada for the summer to earn enough money to embark on her next adventure travelling around South America. I suddenly realised she won't have her laptop for four to five months and as she designed my fabby website I thought I'd better get the blog started in case I need her help! So here I am at 6am in Toronto working away.